Volvo EC180EL

Kategooria Roomikekskavaatorid
Bränd Volvo
Mudel EC180EL
Küsi hinda
Küsi hinda
Tootmisaasta 2016
Töötunnid 5664 h
Üldine hinnang
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Asukoht Anröchte


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  • Bränd
  • Mudel
  • Tootmisaasta
  • Asukoht
  • Töötunnid
    5664 h
  • Seerianumber
  • Üldine hinnang
  • Muu teave
    600mm triple grouser shoe
    Roller Guard, 2ea/Side
    Lower frame - foldable steps
    Belly cover HD
    Engine EU
    Fuel filler pump 35 lpm
    Precleaner, Cyclone
    CareCab w/fixed hatch_ROPS
    Air susp with heater w/ X-Isol
    Joystick, 3 switch & 1 prop.
    Climate control with air con
    Universal key
    MP3&USB Jack with Bluetooth
    Front rain shield
    Seat belt, 2 inch retactable
    Work light, basic, Halogen
    Rear view camera
    with P mode
    CareTrack GSM
    Longlife Hyd oil mineral 46
    1 Pump, double act. piping
    Return filter for Hammer/Shear
    Roll switch for proportional
    Electric Pedal Cnt`r on X1(Pro
    Oil leak line on base machine
    Quick fit piping
    Slope & Rotator piping(60lpm)
    Boom Hose Rupture Valve
    Arm Hose Rupture Valve
    CWT 3200kg, Fabrication
    Under cover HD 4.5t
    FOG cabin mounted
    Tieflöffel 800 mm, 650 l, S6
    Tieflöffel 1200 mm, 865 l, S6
    Hydr. Grabenräumlöffel 1800 mm, S6
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Otsige Volvo brošüüre Volvo CE tootearhiivist.


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