Võite olla kindel, et lühikese pöörderaadiusega ECR355E pakub toekat stabiilsust, suuremat tõstevõimet ja kaevejõudu, ennast tõestanud vastupidavust ja paremat juhitavust. Mahute töötama kitsastel tööobjektidel tänu pikale loetelule standardvarustusse kuuluvatest funktsioonidest, mis on targalt konstrueeritud, et tagada efektiivsed tööoperatsioonid ja kauakestev jõudlus.
  • Töökaal
    34100 - 38000 kg
  • Koguvõimsus
    180 kW
  • Kopa maht
    0.92 - 2.06 m3
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    Kohandage vastavalt vajadustele

Tehnilised andmed

  • Töökaal
    34100 - 38000 kg
  • Läbistusjõud, SAE J1179 (võimendatud)
    179 kN
  • Läbistusjõud, SAE J1179 (tavaline)
    165 kN
  • Kopa maht
    0.92 - 2.06 m3
  • Koguvõimsus
    180 kW
  • ... mootori pöörete arvuga
    1800 p/min
  • Tõstevõime piki alusvankrit
    12680 kg
  • ...tööulatusel/kõrgusel
    6 / 1.5 m
  • Max kaevamissügavus
    6818 mm
  • Max kaevamisulatus
    10741 mm
  • Kogulaius jalgades ja tollides
    3340 mm
  • Tagaosa pöörderaadius
    1900 mm
  • Rebimisjõud, SAE J1179 (võimendatud)
    144 kN
  • Rebimisjõud, SAE J1179 (tavaline)
    133 kN


Lühike pöörderaadius, toekas stabiilsus

Kör tryggt med ECR355E. Den kraftfulla maskinen med kort svängradie ger orubblig stabilitet – så att du kan utnyttja kraften fullt ut. Den solida konstruktionen har precisionsplacerade komponenter för optimal balans, samt ett schaktblad som tillval som kan användas för att stabilisera grävaren vid arbete på ojämnt underlag och för snabbare uppstädning av arbetsområdet.

  • The right mode for the job

    Keep performance high and costs low with the integrated Volvo work mode system. Choose the best work mode for the task at hand – select from I (Idle), F (Fine), G (General), H (Heavy) and P (Power max). The new ECO mode uses the latest electronic pump control technology to further boost fuel efficiency without any loss in performance.

  • Power to perform

    Power your operation with the fuel-efficient Stage V certificated Volvo engine, combining high torque and low RPM for superior, long-lasting performance. Based on proven, advanced technology and decades of experience, the robust D8 engine delivers 180kW (241 Hp) of power, while reducing both fuel consumption and emissions.

  • Get to work – fast

    Cut cycle times to a minimum and increase profitability with the E-Series electro-hydraulic system. Working in combination with the Volvo engine, the advanced system increases pump power for faster and smoother operation, all while providing greater control, superior digging performance and unbeatable productivity.

  • Do more for less

    Increase fuel efficiency by up to 10% with the ECR355E, designed to help you do more for less. ECO Mode, combined with the efficient Stage V certificated Volvo engine and superior hydraulic performance at lower engine RPM – results in improved fuel efficiency without any loss of performance in most operating conditions. Cut cycle times thanks to the boom float function, which saves pump power when lowering the boom.

Tõstke rohkem, kaevake rohkem

Kaevake, pöörake ja laadige varasemast rohkem ECR355E abil, milles on kasutatud kõrgetasemelist elektrohüdraulilist tehnoloogiat. See nii tõstevõime kui ka kaevejõu poolest oluliselt rohkem pakkuv masin sobib ideaalselt torude paigaldamiseks, kraavi toestuse paigaldamiseks ja kommunaalvõrkude töödeks. ECR355E abil ei ole raske töö kunagi olnud nii lihtne.

  • Adapt to any application

    From road construction to heavy infrastructure work, the ECR355E’s class-leading short swing radius goes where conventional machines cannot. Add the Volvo dozer blade, quick coupler, auxiliary hydraulics or the optional two-piece boom, and the result is greater versatility and productivity. Adapt to any application with the ECR355E without compromising on reach, lifting or digging performance.

  • Productivity services

    Improve and maintain site productivity with a host of smart solutions offered by Productivity Services. Operator behavior, site setup and machine configuration are just some of the many factors within Productivity Services that can be refined to boost productivity. Choose from various machine options, Assist solutions and training packages to enhance the performance of your Volvo fleet – so you can do more and earn more.

  • Go anywhere ability

    Go everywhere in the ECR355E, designed to deliver maximum mobility, performance and power for its size. Thanks to its compact design, the machine is ideal for working in confined spaces and can easily be transported from site to site. And with the optional narrow and long undercarriage, mobility is further enhanced between job sites.

  • Making the grade

    Experience smooth operation, fast response times and high performance with the ECR355E, featuring increased hydraulic flow for accurate control in grading and combined operations. Benefit from easier movement when traveling and lifting simultaneously, and better grading quality thanks to the synchronized boom and arm movement. Designed to complement each other, the enhancements also contribute to low fuel consumption.

Jõuprooviks valmis

Väljakujunenud E-seeria platvormile ehitatud ECR355E-l on kõik Volvo ennast tõestanud tehnoloogiad, mida võib lühikese pöörderaadiusega ekskavaatorilt oodata, ning lisaks palju täiustusi. Vastupidava konstruktsiooniga ECR355E-d on põhjalikult testitud, et tagada kõrgeimal tasemel tootlikkus ja masina kasulik tööaeg.

  • Durable by design

    Achieve non-stop production with the durable and reliable ECR355E. Built with robust components, including a strong X-frame undercarriage featuring forged steel top rollers, and Volvo’s rugged boom and arms, the machine can be relied on for longevity and sustained uptime.

  • Uptime services

    Reduce repair costs and unplanned downtime with Uptime Services, designed to help keep your machine and business up and running. Utilizing innovative technology, Volvo dealers remotely monitor your machine. Any problems can be diagnosed early and corrective steps taken towards a sustainable solution. Stay on track with the latest software, planned servicing, flexible maintenance and repair options.

  • Simple serviceability

    Maximize uptime with quick and safe ground-level servicing. Essential maintenance points – including pump pressure taps, filters and the cooling package – are easily accessed via the wide-opening compartment doors, which can be latched at 90°. And, with logicallygrouped greasing manifolds, anti-slip plates and plentiful handrails, you can get back to work swiftly and safely

  • Heavy-duty options

    For demolition and other heavy-duty applications, Volvo offers reinforcement and guarding packages to ensure your Volvo machine is well-protected. Unlock the potential of your ECR355E’s uptime with a range of options, including the boom and bucket cylinder guards, heavy-duty side doors, reinforced undercovers, slew ring protection and cab-mounted Falling Object Guarding (FOG) packages.

Võtke juhtimine üle

Võtke mitmesuguste uute funktsioonidega oma masina juhtimine üle. Juhthoobade kohandatud reageerimisrežiimid ja positiivse voolujuhtimisega hüdrosüsteem pakuvad võrdsel määral võimsust ja täpsust, masin täidab tootlikkuse ja jõudluse saavutamiseks täpselt masinajuhi soove. Hüdrosüsteem on kooskõlas Volvo mootoriga D8, suurendades veelgi ekskavaatori võimsust ja juhitavust.

  • Comfortably productive

    Comfort is key. The industry-leading ROPS certified Volvo cab’s expansive window area offers unparalleled visibility. The adjustable seat, ample legroom and vibration dampeners deliver superior comfort and productivity. With ergonomic controls and simplified switches integrated into the keypad, the Human Machine Interface (HMI) brings the operator and technology together, forming one cohesive working environment.

  • Every angle in view

    From the Volvo cab, experience all-around visibility around the machine and surrounding job site thanks to narrow pillars and large windows. The ergonomically designed cab also features a large vertical windshield for greater visibility, safety and convenience – the large upper front window can be easily rolled up and out of the way, while the lower portion can be easily removed and stowed inside the cab.

  • Volvo Smart View

    Enhance performance and safety with Volvo Smart View. The optional feature combines four exterior-mounted cameras to create a bird’s eye view of the machine, displayed via the on-board monitor. With Volvo Smart View, you can observe all surrounding areas, which is particularly valuable in confined spaces where an extra pair of eyes informs you of the machine’s position in relation to the job at all times.

  • Keep cool

    Stay fresh, alert and focused with the E-Series climate control system. The industry-leading air circulation and defrosting system speeds up the heating and cooling of the cab for a more comfortable environment. Easily adjust the system from the 8” LCD monitor.

Kombineeritav ja sobitatav

Kasutage Volvo tööseadmetega oma masina võimalused täielikult ära. Valige spetsiaalselt valmistatud tööseadmete seast, nagu hüdraulilised purustid, üldotstarbelised kopad, tugevad kopad ja hüdraulilised painutajad. Või kasutage tööseadmete haldussüsteemi lisavarustusse kuuluvate surveseadistustega, et paigaldada mitmeid järelturu tööriistu, millega teie masin saab piiramatult töötada rohkematel kasutusaladel.

  • Tilt rotators

    Volvo’s tilt rotator can be ordered factory-installed with dedicated joysticks and a color display that is fully integrated into the machine’s system. The new series of Volvo Aggressive Cut excavator buckets are perfectly matched to the factory-installed tilt rotator.

  • Locked on

    Volvo offers a full range of quick couplers, which includes Volvo’s S-type, universal and Steelwrist® quick coupler. Offering smooth transitions and quick attachment changes, Volvo’s quick couplers make changing attachments quick and easy – all from the comfort and safety of the cab.

  • Auxiliary piping

    To achieve the correct flow and pressure for hydraulic attachments such as mowers, grinders, shears, crushers and tilt rotators, the machine can be factory fitted with a variety of extra hydraulic lines, such as breaker and shear piping, as well as rotator piping.

  • Get set and go

    The password protected attachment management system allows storage for up to 20 different attachments. The user-friendly system allows the operator to pre-set the correct hydraulic flow and pressure inside the cab through the monitor, to get the most performance from attachments.